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Trademark: Toset
Domain Included: Not
Price: $2,000
Area /Origin: U.S. Trademark for Sale
Status: Principal Register, Registered, Valid
Serial Number: 97069543 (Click to the official detail page.)
Registration Number: 6967031
Trademark Category: Class 14 - Jewellery
Goods /Services:

Alarm clocks; Children's jewelry; Chronographs as watches; Commemorative medals; Costume jewelry; Cuff links; Dress watches; Floor clocks; Jewelry boxes; Jewelry brooches; Jewelry stickpins; Musical jewelry boxes; Parts for watches; Sports watches; Stopwatches; Timepieces; Travel clocks; Watches and clocks; Watchstraps; Women's watches

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⇓ Buyer Must Read ⇓

After a successful ownership transfer, typically completed in 1-3 weeks, you will gain full interest and goodwill of the trademark. 

Any domain names, if included in the transaction, will be transferred to you in 5-7 days.

◆ You gain exclusive access to the brand registries on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

◆ If the seller fails to fulfill any of the above, we guarantee a 100% refund.

1st - Agreement:
The trademark owner (the "Assignor") and the buyer (the "Assignee") will need to fill out and sign the Trademark Assignment Agreement (the "Agreement"), which is the foundation of the trademark transaction & the ownership transfer.

2nd - Invoice & Payment:
The buyer will need to pay the PayPal (or Escrow) invoice created on the basis of the "Agreement" where the funds will be securely held by PayPal (or Escrow) throughout the transaction. 

3rd - Fulfillment:
We will promptly initiate the transfer of ownership, which will be examined and completed by the USPTO officials in 1-3 weeks. (Note: After the ownership transfer takes effect, you may adopt your own attorney as the correspondent to oversee the trademark. If you are a U.S. citizen, you have the option to designate yourself as the correspondent for the U.S. trademark.)
Any domain names, if included in the transaction, will be transferred to the buyer in 5-7 days.

4th - Done:
Fulfillment completes - PayPal (or Escrow) releases funds - transaction ends.

◆ How does the ownership transfer work?
We will file forms, submit the properly-signed Trademark Assignment Agreement, and pay government fees with the USPTO. Officials will examine the submissions and record the transfer if no mistakes are found. Chances will be given to correct mistakes until the transfer is qualified.

◆ What will the buyer receive as a result of the ownership transfer?
The entire interest and the goodwill to the trademark.

◆ What changes can we expect to see on the official page?

The USPTO system will record the ownership transfer and update the information of the trademark owner.

◆ How long does the transfer take?

The USPTO officials will take 1-3 weeks to examine and complete the ownership transfer.

◆ How to change the correspondent for the trademark?
Once the ownership transfer takes effect, your attorney will have the ability to submit forms and modify the corresponding contact details via their USPTO account. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can create your own USPTO account to oversee your personal U.S. trademarks. Through this account, you can facilitate changes and designate yourself as the correspondent for the trademark. 


You need to file enrollment forms and submit the required files. A relevant "Case" will be automatically created in the "Case Log".
If your submissions are qualified, Amazon will send an email that contains a "verification code" to the trademark correspondence email address held by either the owner or the associated attorney.
You will need to reply to the "Case" with the "verification code" shared by the correspondent. 
Amazon will soon approve your brand registry if no mistakes are found.

Detailed instructions for reference: (Guide of Amazon Brand Registry).

◆ After the registry, you can create product listings with the brand.
◆ You get A+ Content, enhanced brand content, brand analytics and more.
◆ Amazon doesn't seem to care which class your trademark is in, they give you coverage across all categories (which could change at any time).

◆ An Auth-Code, also known as an EPP code, authorization code, transfer code, or Auth-Info Code, is a generated passcode required to transfer an internet domain name between domain registrars; the code is intended to indicate that the domain name owner has authorized the transfer. and are known as famous domain registrars.

◆ Using the Auth-Code shared by the owner, you can seamlessly transfer the domain name to your domain registrar account.

◆ The transfer of a domain name between two registrars typically takes 5-7 days, while the transfer between two accounts within the same registrar usually takes only minutes or seconds.

1. Keep using it in commerce.
Keeping and using your trademark in commerce is crucial for its protection, validity, distinctiveness, defense against challenges, and overall business reputation. Regular and genuine use helps ensure that your trademark maintains its legal significance and serves as an effective tool for brand recognition and consumer trust. 

2. Renewal and Maintenance.

Trademarks require ongoing maintenance to remain valid and enforceable. Stay aware of renewal deadlines and ensure that you submit the necessary paperwork and fees to keep your trademark registration active. Be mindful of any other requirements or maintenance obligations specific to your jurisdiction.

For a U.S. trademark, your registration will be cancelled if you do not file the documents below during the specified time periods:

Requirements in the First Ten Years*

What and When to File:

• First Filing Deadline: You must file a Declaration of Use (or Excusable Nonuse) between the 5th and 6th years after the registration date. If the declaration is accepted, the registration will continue in force for the remainder of the ten-year period, calculated from the registration date, unless canceled by an order of the Commissioner for Trademarks or a federal court.

• Second Filing Deadline: You must file a Declaration of Use (or Excusable Nonuse) and an Application for Renewal between the 9th and 10th years after the registration date.

Requirements in Successive Ten-Year Periods*

What and When to File:

• You must file a Declaration of Use (or Excusable Nonuse) and an Application for Renewal between every 9th and 10th-year period, calculated from the registration date.