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Established in 2020 by Oxo International Limited (HK), is a specialized broker platform for global trademark exchange.

We are committed to establishing a bridge between buyers and sellers to achieve secure and hassle-free exchanges of trademark rights and values. We take strict measures to ensure that only ownership-verified trademarks are eligible for sale on our platform, and our exceptional expertise enables seamless transfers of trademark ownership and domain names. Our platform guarantees, coupled with the trusted protection of PayPal and Escrow, instill unwavering confidence and peace of mind for our esteemed clients throughout the entire transaction process.

If you are a seller, there are certain requirements you need to fulfill:
 To ensure the legality of the transaction, you must provide legal proof of ownership.  You will need to authorize our platform to list your trademark for sale, manage the associated transaction matters, and hold the payment on your behalf until you, as the seller, have fully fulfilled your obligations. Additionally, it is crucial for you to understand that failure to fulfill your obligations within the specified time will result in the termination of the transaction and a full refund to the buyer.  An annual fee of $69.00 is required for each trademark listing.

If you are a buyer, you need to take good care of your trademark after the transaction.
 After the ownership transfer takes effect, it is strongly suggested that you engage your own attorney as the correspondent to take care of your purchased trademarks. If you are a U.S. citizen, you also have the option to designate yourself as the correspondent for your U.S. trademarks.  You will need to keep using the trademark in commerce to maintain its validity and defend it against challenges from 3rd parties.  You have to submit qualified forms and documents and pay government fees within specific time deadlines, to renew and maintain your trademark in order to keep it valid for the long term.

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Drop-down menus on the home page and keywords would help search for trademarks on the site. 
Your specific requirements (such as your main products and price range) can also help us recommend trademarks that suit your needs. 

We aim to offer the best trademark purchase experience and pursue your complete satisfaction.
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What Will You Receive?

1. The entire interest and the goodwill to the trademark

- Upon completion of the ownership transfer, you will receive the entire interest and goodwill to the trademark.
- USPTO takes 1-3 weeks on average to examine and complete each trademark transfer.

2. If a domain name is included in the transaction, you will receive it.
- You will be provided with a transfer authorization code to obtain the domain name from the original domain account.
- The transfer of the domain name will take 5-7 days.

3. Access to brand registries on e-commerce platforms
- You will gain exclusive access to brand registries on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, etc.
- The Guide of Amazon Brand Registry is set for your kind reference.

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Reliable Resources

We assume responsibility and ensure that all trademarks sold to buyers are genuine and free of defects. The documents of ownership transfer can be accessed and monitored through official websites. 


Secure Transaction

We guarantee the legitimate and successful transfer of every trademark and grant your exclusive access to the Amazon brand registry. Rest assured, all transactions are protected by PayPal or Escrow.


Mutual Achievements

At our platform, we recognize the importance of providing diverse choices and ensuring safe transactions. Our customers' branding success continually motivates us and enhances our reputation.

Trademark Transaction Process

Trademark Transaction Process