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Trademark: Moop
Domain Included: Not
Price: $2,400
Area /Origin: U.S. Trademark for Sale
Status: Principal Register, New Trademark, Unused
Features: Safe Buy, Instant Use, Fast Ownership Transfer, Ideal for AMZ brand registry
Serial Number: 90405244 (Click to the official detail page.)
Registration Number: 6516903
Trademark Category: Class 20 - Furniture
Goods /Services:

3D decorative ornaments made from plastic; Anti-roll cushions for babies; Baby bolsters; Cat scratching pads; Cushions; Dog kennels; Figurines of resin; Flower-stands; Kennels for household pets; Non-metal pet kennel with pet-actuated entry; Non-metal portable stairs for pets; Non-metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Pet furniture; Pet grooming tables; Picture frames; Plant racks; Sofa beds; Sofas; Wind chimes; Works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Beds for household pets; Hat boxes for storage made of plastic; Non-metal storage boxes for general use; Portable kennels; Wooden craft sticks

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⇓ Buyer Must Read ⇓

1. This is our brand-new trademark that is ready for instant use in commerce, including Amazon.

PayPal /Escrow secure payment & our overall guarantees offer risk-free trademark transactions to all buyers.

We guarantee the success of the trademark ownership transfer to the buyer. 

 We guarantee the success of the domain name (if included) transfer to the buyer.

 We guarantee to provide the "verification code" which is essential for the approval of the buyer's Amazon brand registry.

How can we prove ownership?

During your brand registry enrollment, Amazon will send a "verification code" to the original correspondence email address held by either the trademark registrant or the attorney to confirm ownership of the trademark and authorize its use on Amazon platform. We are proven to own the trademark because only we can provide the "verification code" to get your Amazon brand registry approved. 

1st - Agreement:
Trademark Assignment Agreement (the "Agreement") - will be filled out and signed by both parties. 
The Agreement is the foundation of the trademark transaction & the ownership transfer.

2nd - Invoice & Payment:
We create a PayPal (or Escrow) invoice based on the above-signed Agreement. 
Buyer pays the invoice. 
PayPal (or Escrow) will hold the funds until the Agreement has been fully fulfilled.

3rd - Fulfillment:
We file forms and initiate the trademark ownership transfer with, and USPTO will take 1-3 weeks to process and complete the ownership transfer.
The domain name, if included in the transaction, will be transferred to the buyer as well (domain transfer takes 5-7 days typically).
We will provide the buyer with the "verification code" which is essential for the approval of the buyer's Amazon brand registry.  (Guide of Amazon Brand Registry

4th - Done:
Fulfillment completes - PayPal (or Escrow) releases funds - transaction ends.

◆ How does the ownership transfer work?
We will file forms, submit the properly-signed Trademark Assignment Agreement, and pay government fees with the USPTO. Officials will verify the submissions and record the transfer if no mistakes are found. Chances will be given to correct mistakes until submissions meet the requirements and rules of the USPTO.

◆ What will the buyer receive as a result of the ownership transfer?
The entire interest and the goodwill to the trademark.

◆ What changes can we expect to see on the official page?

The USPTO will record the ownership transfer and update the information of the trademark owner.

◆ How long does the transfer take?

At present, the USPTO takes 1-3 weeks to process and complete the transfer.


The applicant enrolls in the Amazon brand registry and submits the required files. Accordingly, a "CASE" will be created by Amazon.
If the submitted files are qualified, Amazon will send an email that contains the so-called "Verification Code" to the trademark correspondence email address (held by us or our attorney). 
We will receive and share the "Verification Code" with the buyer. 
The applicant will need to reply to the CASE of the brand registry by entering the "Verification Code". 
Amazon will approve the brand registry shortly if no mistakes are found.

Detailed instructions for reference: (Guide of Amazon Brand Registry).

◆ After the registry, you can create product listings with the brand.
◆ You get A+ Content, enhanced brand content, brand analytics and more.
◆ Amazon doesn't seem to care which class your trademark is in, they give you coverage across all categories (which could change at any time).

◆ An Auth-Code, also known as an EPP code, authorization code, transfer code, or Auth-Info Code, is a generated passcode required to transfer an internet domain name between domain registrars; the code is intended to indicate that the domain name owner has authorized the transfer. and are known as famous domain registrars.

◆ Using the Auth-Code shared by us, you can seamlessly transfer the domain name from the original registrar account to your own.

◆ The transfer of a domain name between two registrars typically takes 5-7 days, while the transfer between two accounts within the same registrar usually takes only minutes or seconds.

◆ A registered trademark (®) is lawfully approved and recorded by the government.

◆ You can securely and instantly use a registered trademark in commerce while registering a new trademark takes more than 10 months along with the risk of registration rejection and premise investment loss.